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Trying to revive the old ic35link package from Thomas Schulz

Updated 11 months ago

Debian DKMS package for module i2c-piix4 patched to work with OpenRGB

Updated 9 months ago

Simple C program for patching Win32 PE binaries to be LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE

Updated 11 months ago

0mega's Script Collection

Updated 4 months ago

Zenpower DKMS-module for Debian

Updated 5 months ago

AMI BIOS Aptio kernel flash driver

Updated 11 months ago

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Famous spam removal script for Hubzilla which came in handy since mad Ivan Zlax started terrorizing the Fediverse.

Updated 10 months ago

Properly packaged DKMS module for AMI AptIO flashing tool for Linux. Use at your own risk!

Updated 11 months ago

Repo for diaspora spam blacklist

Updated 6 months ago

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Updated 10 months ago

Updated 2 months ago

Trying to get old code running on a less old hardware

Updated 10 months ago

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Updated 3 months ago