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Trying to revive the old ic35link package from Thomas Schulz

Updated 1 year ago

Debian DKMS package for module i2c-piix4 patched to work with OpenRGB

Updated 11 months ago

Simple C program for patching Win32 PE binaries to be LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE

Updated 1 year ago

0mega's Script Collection

Updated 1 month ago

Zenpower DKMS-module for Debian

Updated 7 months ago

AMI BIOS Aptio kernel flash driver

Updated 1 year ago

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Famous spam removal script for Hubzilla which came in handy since mad Ivan Zlax started terrorizing the Fediverse.

Updated 1 year ago

Properly packaged DKMS module for AMI AptIO flashing tool for Linux. Use at your own risk!

Updated 1 year ago

Repo for diaspora spam blacklist

Updated 8 months ago

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Updated 1 year ago

Updated 2 days ago

Trying to get old code running on a less old hardware

Updated 12 months ago

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Updated 5 months ago