AMI BIOS Aptio kernel flash driver
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amifldrv source code

This is the source code for the amifldrv kernel module used by the AMI Aptio flashing tool for linux, afulnx or the HP fork safulnx2.

All of the AMIs BIOS flash tools bring their own version of the driver, trying to compile it in the background which on most systems fails because the kernel is much newer, compile options are broken or the tool/driver does not match the kernel.

Originally the 32 Bit flash tools like safulnx2 or afulnx needed a 32 Bit kernel as structures passed by ioctl had no conversion.

This repository contains some fixes to let safulnx2 be partially used on a 64 Bit Kernel on a HP t620

An original dump of the sourcecode of the corresponding tool can be retrieved by running the flash tool, pressing CTRL-Z and looking into the .temp directory.

This repo is a fork of Roman Hargraves


Using the safulnx2 from the original HP ThinPro 5/6/7 lets one dump the original ROM contents.


Clone this repository and build the driver by running make - You will need build essentials and your matching kernels headers available.

Then while in the build directory issue a

ln -s amifldrv_mod.ko amifldrv_mod
ln -s amifldrv_mod.ko amifldrv_mod.o

Then run the appropriate flash util while in that diretory:

root@ubuntu:~/amifldrv# /root/safulnx2 /s
cp: './amifldrv_mod.o' and './amifldrv_mod' are the same file
|                 AMI Firmware Update Utility  v1.02_HP                     |
|      Copyright (C)2012 American Megatrends Inc. All Rights Reserved.      |
 Reading flash ............... done                
 - System ROM ID = L40_0205
 - System ROM GUID = 8f1c6dfc-3b1c-41af-ad2ddec6544a6ee8
 - System ROM Secure Flash = Diable.

Flash a new BIOS:

root@ubuntu:~/amifldrv# /root/safulnx2 ../L40_0214.bin /b /p  
|                 AMI Firmware Update Utility  v1.02_HP                     |
|      Copyright (C)2012 American Megatrends Inc. All Rights Reserved.      |

 Reading flash ............... done                
 - FFS checksums ......... ok
 Erasing Boot Block .......... done                
 Updating Boot Block ......... 0x007B6C00 (77%) 
 Updating Boot Block ......... done                
 Verifying Boot Block ........ done                
 Erasing Main Block .......... done                
 Updating Main Block ......... 0x0012C000 (10%) 
 Updating Main Block ......... done                
 Verifying Main Block ........ done       


safulnx2 was shipped with HP ThinPro - You will need to dissect their filesystem image to get the binary:

gzip -d Z7X70015.dd.gz
sudo kpartx -a Z7X70015.dd
sudo mount /dev/mapper/loop0p2 /media/cdrom
sudo cp /media/cdrom/root/usr/sbin/safulnx2 .

License issues

AMI did not specify a license for this code in readme.txt, readme_afulnx.txt or any other file, including the source code. Furthermore, Linux kernel modules can be considered derivitave works of the Linux kernel, which is licensed under the GNU General Public License. The GPL mandates that source code be made available. AMI appear to have gone out of their way to make obtaining the full module source rather obfuse, as the tool that emits it will delete it immediately after exiting.

I do not claim any ownership of this code.