Debian DKMS package for module i2c-piix4 patched to work with OpenRGB
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This repository contains OpenRGB's i2c-piix4 and i2c-nct6775 drivers as DKMS kernel modules. The i2c-piix4 driver supports the secondary i2c controller on several >= X370 AM4 mainboards. This package is designed for Debian Unstable but might work with earlier versions of Debian, mileage may vary. It is designed as a soft dependency for future packaged versions of OpenRGB to enable access to RGB controllers on certain mainboards, namely boards with ASUS Aura and ASRock Polychrome RGB systems.

The original idea of patching and packaging this module was lend from the package i2c-piix4-aura-dkms found at Arch Linux AUR. I have only changed some Debian-specific pathes and added some packaging information with debhelper.


Clone this repository and run dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b. Install the resulting package with sudo dpkg -i path/to.deb. To have OpenRGB controlling your LEDs you either need to add your user to the group adm or simply run OpenRGB as root. I'd rather not recommend to run any GUI application with root privileges.

Thanks to

  • CalcProgrammer1 for his awesome work on OpenAuraSDK/OpenRGB and his fix for i2c-piix4 (I swear that this was already in here when I forked it),
  • Térence Clastres for the awesome idea of squeezing this patch into a DKMS package and
  • my gf for sharing and supporting my obsession with RGB LED stuff and Linux.
  • SurfsideShip264 for pointing out an issue with the build-dependencies