Trying to revive the old ic35link package from Thomas Schulz
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	$Id: README,v 1.19 2001/08/12 03:36:44 thosch Rel $
IC35Link for Linux

IC35Link provides tools to communicate with the Siemens IC35
over a serial port.

configure, make, install
create configure script
Usage of ic35sync
Usage of ic35mgr
Files in the distribution
Sources in the src directory
Standard Disclaimer, Warnings, Copyright

The tools included in the IC35Link package are:
- ic35sync
synchronizes IC35 address, schedule, todo and memo data with
Personal Information Management databases (PIMfiles).
- ic35mgr
The IC35 manager is for accessing IC35 MMCard(s), backup,restore
the IC35 PIM-database and install applications on the IC35.
CAVEAT: install applications on the IC35 is (as of version 1.17)
not yet implemented.
- vcaconv
is a converter for PIMfiles in vCard,vCalendar and binary formats.
it was mainly used during development. For non-developers the
"imphandy" conversion might be useful to manage the phonebook of
a mobile phone with the IC35: it converts vCards into the "HANDY"
category for uploading them from this category on the IC35 to the
phonebook of the mobile phone (after import or sync with IC35).
- ic35log
is for pretty-printing ic35sync, ic35mgr (and 'portmon') logfiles
and useful mainly for developers.
- ic35sync.txt
describes the IC35 synchronization protocol (in german).
- ic35mgr.txt
describes the IC35 manager protocols (in german).
All programs give help about usage if called with the short "-h" or
the long "--help" option.

Starting with version 1.17 the package is named "ic35link", because
it provides more than just IC35 synchronization under GNU/Linux.
Up to version 1.16 the package name was "ic35sync".

Unpack the archive ic35link-*.tar.gz (you appeareantly did that ;-).
configure, make, install
Do the usual
su # superuser login for install
make install-strip # strip symbols and debugging info
exit # superuser logout
Installation is done to /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/share/ic35link
by default, change that with 'configure --prefix=/some/other/path'.
For details run 'configure --help' and see the file INSTALL.
The 'configure' options of major interest are:
install to /opt/bin/ instead of default /usr/local/bin/
compile without logging and simulated communication support
disable compile warnings
enable strict ANSI-C compilation
enable pedantic compile warnings
be warned to get several compile errors and/or warnings
feel free to fix them (and send me the patches :-)
* The programs are compiled with debugging info. Should you want
to install them with that, use 'make install' instead of the
'make install-strip' above.
* The programs and documents can be uninstalled with 'make uninstall'.
* If you modify the vCard/vCalendar parser source vcc.y, you will
need 'bison' version 1.25 or newer. Compilation with 'yacc' will
not work and/or create a vcc.c producing 'parser stack overflow'
create configure script
If you use an archive ic35link-*.tar.gz you should not need this.
If you obtained ic35link from the public CVS repository you have
to generate the configure script and with
It will check for autoconf and automake, you'll have to install
these packages if some of the checks fail.
If all goes well it will automatically run './configure' with the
options passed to and "--enable-maintainer-mode". The
latter enables 'make maintainer-clean', which deletes everything
not in the CVS repository, e.g. also the configure script.
Setting the environment variable NOCONFIGURE to some non-empty
value will prevent from running configure.

Usage of ic35sync
ic35sync synchronizes IC35 address, schedule, todo and memo data
with Personal Information Management databases (PIMfiles) mainly
in vCard,vCalendar format. Get information about usage with:
ic35sync --help
ic35sync supports 4 modes of operation, given as command argument:
- status
reports IC35 status: firmware version, timestamp of last sync
operation and total and modified number of records per IC35 file.
No PIMfiles are accessed, contents of IC35 are not changed, thus
good for an initial test.
- export
does export IC35 data to PIMfile(s), data in IC35 is not changed
and no IC35 or PIM records will be deleted. The sychronisation
stamp will not be written to IC35 and any changemarks on records
in the IC35 remain intact.
This is the initial operation to start using IC35 data also with
Linux Personal Information Managers. It is also usable to backup
all the IC35 data.
Records from existing PIMfile(s) can afterwards be propagated to
IC35 with an 'import' or 'sync' operation.
- import
does import data from PIMfile(s) into IC35, changes in PIMfile(s)
reflect only the IC35 record numbers and status, no IC35 or PIM
records will be deleted. The synchronisation stamp (current date
and time) will be written to IC35 only if all IC35 records match
with PIMfile, e.g. if the IC35 was empty before the import.
This is the initial operation to start using Linux PIM databases
also on IC35. it can be used also to restore data into IC35.
Any records previously existing in IC35 can then be propagated
into PIMfile(s) with an 'export' or 'sync' operation.
- sync
synchronizes changes in IC35 and PIMfile(s): records modified in
IC35 will be updated to PIMfile(s), records deleted in IC35 will
be deleted from PIMfile(s) and vice versa.
If changes to the same record were made in both the IC35 and the
PIMfile, the latter takes precedence, i.e. PIM overrides IC35.
All record changemarks on IC35 will be cleared and the current
date and time will be written to IC35 as synchronisation stamp,
because after sync all IC35 records match with PIMfile(s).
With the vCard/vCalendar format (default or option "--format vca")
up to 3 PIMfile(s) can be specified on the ic35sync commandline:
If 3 PIMfiles are specified, the first file is for Addresses, the
second file is for Schedule and ToDo, the third file is for Memo.
If 2 PIMfiles are specified, the first file is for Adresses and the
second file for Schedule, ToDo and Memo. Korganizer and gnomecal
will work with the second file only if there are not VMEMO-records
in it, i.e. only if there is not any Memo note on the IC35!
If 1 PIMfile is specified, this single file is used for all data
from Adresses, Schedule, ToDo and Memo. Korganizer, gnomecal and
and gnomecard cannot work with that single file!
If no PIMfiles are specified, the default filenames are used, which
are ic35.vcard for Adresses, ic35.vcal for Schedule and ToDo, and
ic35.memo for Memo, the files are assumed in the current directory.

* GNOME addressbook and calendar
IC35 syncstation connected at /dev/ttyS1, IC35 password is "secret"
initial export from IC35:
ic35sync -d /dev/ttyS1 -p secret export \
~/.gnome/GnomeCard.gcrd ~/.gnome/user-cal.vcf ic35.memo
synchronize changes in IC35 and addressbook,calendar:
ic35sync -d /dev/ttyS1 -p secret sync \
~/.gnome/GnomeCard.gcrd ~/.gnome/user-cal.vcf ic35.memo
* KDE KOrganizer and GNOME addressbook
initial import into IC35 at /dev/ic35, no IC35 password:
ic35sync import ~/.gnome/GnomeCard.gcrd \
~/.kde/share/apps/korganizer/calendar.vcs ic35.memo
synchronize changes in IC35 and addressbook,KOrganizer:
ic35sync sync ~/.gnome/GnomeCard.gcrd \
~/.kde/share/apps/korganizer/calendar.vcs ic35.memo

* ic35sync yet has no options for resolving synchronize conflicts.
If the same record is modified on both sides, the modification in
the PIMfile takes precedence and overrides the changes on IC35.
* ic35sync yet has a proprietary VMEMO format for memo records.
The VMEMO format was invented by me following the vCard/vCalendar
standard. Unfortunately there is no GUI software supporting it.
Suggestions for the memo records are welcome.
* ic35sync should be used with _existing_ vCalendar files, because
Korganizer and gnomecal rely on their own file formats and do not
work properly with vCalendar files _created_ by ic35sync.
Korganizer uses newline characters as line separators and wants
its own PRODID.
gnomecal uses carriagereturn linefeed sequences as line separators
and wants its own PRODID and VERSION.
ic35sync does respect and not change the format of an existing
vCalendar file to avoid confusing Korganizer/gnomecal.
* ic35sync's sync operation is rather slow, because always all IC35
records are read to find the records, which were deleted from the
PIMfile(s). This is needed, as Korganizer, gnomecal and gnomecard
leave no traces (e.g. delete-flags) from deleted records.
* gnomecal does not support VEVENT.DESCRIPTION but multiple lines
ic35sync maps the first line of VEVENT.SUMMARY to/from the IC35
"Summary" field and all remaining lines to/from the IC35 "Notes"
* gnomecal does not support VTODO.DTSTART.
ic35sync maps the IC35 "Start" field to/from a line marked with
* gnomecard does not support the X-PILOTSTAT change mark.
ic35sync regards VCARD records as changed if their with revised
time VCARD.REV is newer than the date and time of the last sync.
* korganizer does not support VTODO.CATEGORIES, VTODO.DTSTART and
ic35sync maps the IC35 Category and the "Start" and "Due" fields
to/from lines marked "CATEGORIES:", "DTSTART:" and "DUE:" in the
* korganozer supports only VEVENT.DALARM, but not VEVENT.AALARM
ic35sync maps IC35 "LED" and "Beep" alarms to/from VEVENT.DALARM.
* the IC35 address fields "(Def.)" have no VCARD counterparts.
ic35sync maps them to/from lines marked "(def1):" and "(def2):"

Usage of ic35mgr
The IC35 manager currently supports access of the IC35 MMCard(s)
and backup,restore the IC35 internal PIM-database to/from a file.
Get help about usage with
ic35mgr --help
and experiment (and please tell me about problems, suggestions and
wanted features, e-mail address below).

* The ic35mgr MMCard access commands mmcget,mmcput,mmcdel accept the
filepath in the IC35 native form (e.g. MMcard1\IC35\APP\REVERSI.APP)
or more convenient with lowercase characters and slash separators
(e.g. mmcard1/ic35/app/
The filepath argument in the IC35 native form must be enclosed in
single (') or double (") quotes to prevent the shell from eating
the backslash (\) characters.
* Reading a MMCard file with mmcget will set the timestamp of the
local file to that of the MMCard file.
Even when only reading a MMCard file, the IC35 will set the MMCard
file's timestamp to the current date and time.
* Installing application programs on the IC35 is planned, but not yet
implemented. If someone (from Siemens) would provide me with the
specification of the installation protocol would ease this a lot.

Files in the Distribution
sic! you're reading this
release information about IC35Link
sic! details about what was changed
sic! what remains to be done and whish list
who has written IC35Link
who has contributed to IC35Link
description of IC35sync protocol, yet only (?) german
description of IC35manager protocol, yet only (?) german

generic installation instructions for 'configure'
generates configure and etc.
configuration header created by configure
input for configure to create config.h, created by autoheader
configuration script, created by autoconf
input for autoconf to create configure
makes 'make' make it ;-) created by configure
input for configure to create Makefile, created by automake
input for automake to create

make logfiles of IC35 communications more readable. supported are
logfiles created by "portmon" (from and the
logfiles from ic35sync and ic35mgr (of course ;-).

Sources in the src directory
IC35 synchronize PersonalInformationManagement (PIM) data
IC35 manager: access MMCard, backup,restore database
PIM data import to / export from IC35 database records
support for text output IC35 record
support for binary IC35 record format (PIM)files
support for vCard,vCalendar format PIMfiles
utilities for vCard,vCalendar
IC35 record access and file descriptions
IC35 synchronize transactions:
connect, disconnect
open, close, read, write IC35 database file
IC35 synchronize protocol
IC35 manager transactions:
connect, disconnect
MMCard status, directory, file access
IC35 manager protocol
general IC35 protocol support
basic serial communication with IC35
utilities: logging, errors, messages
export header for vCard,vCalendar API
parser for vCard-,vCalendar-files
API for vCard,vCalendar VObject
compilation environment for vCard,vCalendar API
vCard,vCalendar conversion, e.g. to/from binary IC35 data

The vCard,vCalendar API sources were taken from gnome-pim-1.2.0,
and fixed a bit to reduce compile warnings.
Sources for vCard,vCalendar API:
- Gnome-PIM gnome-pim-1.2.0.tar.gz
- KPilot kpilot_3.1.10-1.0.tar.gz (based on KPilot 3.1b9)
see also
- versit consortium's SDK for Windows DLLs
The script was taken from gnome-pim-1.3.2 and fixed
a bit to fit the needs of ic35link.

Standard Disclaimer, Warnings, Copyright
THIS SOFTWARE HAS BUGS (as any software has ;-). Use it at your
own risk. I take no responsibility for any data loss or damage,
etc. done by this software, i.e. should your IC35 crash or explode
while using ic35sync or ic35mgr, sorry.
Besides my home machine this software was successfully used with:
- KDE-1.1.2 Korganizer v1.1.1
- Gnome-1.2 gnomecard,gnomecal from gnome-pim-1.2.0
- IC35 Firmware V1.28
- IC35 Firmware V1.38 (thanks Thomas Lichtenberg)
- Debian-2.2r2 kernel 2.0.36 gcc-2.95.2 Pentium-I/133MHz /dev/ttyS3
- Debian-2.2r2 kernel-2.2.13 gcc-2.95.2 Pentium-III/400MHz /dev/ttyS1
- SuSE-7.2 (thanks Karl Stroetmann)
- SuSE-7.0 kernel-2.2.16 gcc-2.95.2-98 AMD-K5/100MHz /dev/ttyS1
- SuSE-7.0 kernel-2.2.16 gcc-2.95.2-98 Pentium-III/450MHz /dev/ttyS0
- SuSE-6.0 kernel-2.0.36 gcc- BAYCOM Notebook Pentium-I/166MHz
- Mandrake-7.2 AMD-Duron/750MHz /dev/ttyS1 (thanks Malte Schmidt)
- Mandrake-8.0 gcc-2.96 (thanks Christian Theile)

That being said, I _really_ want comments regarding this software
as well as suggestions and bug reports. Thomas Schulz 2000-12-25
Geibelstrasse 57
D-22303 Hamburg

Copyright (C) 2000,2001 Thomas Schulz

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program in the file COPYING; if not, write to the
Free Software Foundation, Inc.
59 Temple Place, Suite 330,
Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA